Double Yew Farm

We are a small family owned farm where we raise (among other things) Polish Tatra livestock guardian dogs and Nubian milk goats.

The General




 This is Pierre, checking on his charges! He is often patrolling the entire goat area, and we haven't lost a single goat.

Polish Tatra - Livestock Guardian Dog

Polski Owczarek Podhalanski is the Polish name of this exceptional animal.  The literal translation in English is "a little Polish shepherd from the Podhale ountains."  Owczarek is often translated as sheepdog, but it is actually the diminutive form of Owczar - the word for it means "little shepherd"!

Livestock Guardian Dogs

Imprinting is very important for livestock guardian dogs.  What they are raised around is what they will guard.  That is why our puppies are raised in the goat barn and next to the poultry yard...they have the scent of goats, chickens, ducks and geese in thier nostrils from birth.
Chicken nesting with the puppies - great imprinting!